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control joint (plural control joints). (construction) A groove which is formed, sawn, or tooled in a concrete or masonry structure to regulate the location and amount …

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A control joint is a continuous vertical joint filled with mortar, but with a bond breaker on one side so that tensile stress cannot develop across the joint. If control joints are not provided, a concrete masonry wall may crack as it shrinks over time.

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An expansion joint or movement joint is an assembly designed to safely absorb the heatinduced expansion and contraction of construction materials, to absorb vibration, to hold parts together, or to allow movement due to ground settlement or earthquakes.

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Definition of control joint: Grooves manually made on concrete flooring to help control where the concrete should crack.

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The most widely used method to control random cracking in concrete slabs is to place contraction/control joints in the concrete surface at predetermined …

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Definition of joint control: Control of the items that make up an estate by a bonding company, also known as a surety, and an administrative party, such as an …

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Define expansion joint. expansion joint synonyms, expansion joint pronunciation, expansion joint translation, English dictionary definition of expansion joint. n …

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Grooves made on a concrete floor that allows the concrete to crack in areas they wish for it to crack.

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Contraction, expansion, and construction are concrete joints. Learn about the different kinds of joints and find out know why they are different.